Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Xbox One can sync 8 controllers at the same time

We've heard a lot about the upgrades to the new controllers for the next-gen Xbox. More than 40 improvements, better design, better feel, removal of the battery pack area so players can grip it better. Recently, Microsoft added to the list that the Xbox One can support 8 controllers all at the same time and feature a 30ft wireless range.

The reasoning behind it seems to be more of a "look what it can do now" gesture, as the likelihood of many people buying 8 controllers at $60 each seems slim, as well as 8 people sharing the same television. Unless its a very large screen indeed, the odds are not good on 8 people split-screening a game. Nevertheless it's an impressive amount to go from the original 360 usage of 4 controllers, to this new level of 8.

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