Monday, November 4, 2013

Extra Life gaming charity raised millions despite hostile interruptions

On Saturday Nov. 2nd, 30,000+ gamers spent a full 25 hours grinding away at their rigs and tossing dice on the board, playing anything and everything they could to bring in donations for the Extra Life charity event. Extra Life is a charity made specifically for gamers, allowing that underestimated community to get involved. There are many charity events like it, but Extra Life seems to stand above most with their size and strength. Streams went on across the country seeking donations to go towards funding the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  

Unfortunately, not everyone was interested in helping charity, and at least one individual was determined to stop it. According to Extra Life, the site received no less than 4 DDoS attacks aimed at destroying the charity event. The person(s) responsible have not been discovered as of yet, nor has anyone stepped forward with information on who it might be. 

Even with these incidents, the event raised an astounding total of over $3.6 million. It was an overwhelming success for such a great cause.

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