Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Xbox One off to less than fantastic start

Launches of any new product can often be problematic. Clothing may be made of weak material, vehicle engines may contain flaws, electrical equipment may have faulty wiring. It's all relatively quite common for these instances to pop-up. Recalls do happen to make the products safer and more reliable. However, these instances are few and far between compared to over a million customers all experiencing the same issues the way that Microsoft consumers are with the Xbox One.

Anyone who has used the Xbox Live user interface knows that it's a fairly sleek operation. Party chat, while problematic if there is instability in the online network, is pretty strong and allows you to chat across different games. Notifications can be turned on or off so that you can see invites or when friends get online. Microsoft failed to move even these simple features over to their new system. Riddled with bugs, the Xbox One user experience is slowly drifting towards massive interest and, in some cases, downright disgust.

Fans desperate for a fix made a website listing out a lot of the problems they feel could be made right and also some improvements that would make the experience a lot better. A few examples would be:
  • When in Skype, voice chat is also transmitted into the game. So people in-game can hear you while in Skype.
  • Option for voice chat to go through the headset or tv, or both
  • Voice chat should be enabled automatically when joining voice chat as there is a physical mute on the headset input and in the party chat interface. Its an just extra unnecessary option to enable voice chat after joining a party chat
  • Ability to see the remaining amount of hard drive space 
  • Ability to String Commands for example "Xbox, Play Battlefield and Snap Netflix"
  • Controller Battery Indicator on the home screen
The majority of these are things most people would figure are already included, but they are not. Microsoft seems to have taken several steps backward and removed key features from what even the original Xbox had more than 12 years ago. Microsoft's Larry "MajorNelson" Hyrb has made it known that they are aware of the issues people are having and promises that it "will get better." Let's hope that Microsoft can fulfill that promise promptly.

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